To the Filipino people: We are more than this

“non compos mentis” a word I have grown familiar with from this years election, which generally means to not be on one’s ‘right mind’, but on an easier note is an ornate version of the word crazy – which too was mostly used to describe candidates like Duterte, Marcos, etc. From the many quote unquote controversies in and out of the web, their names has become an anthem even outside our country.

I would be frank as I say this, but I was not an avid supporter of any of these candidates at the start, in fact, I would usually detest against my relatives who rooted for them, shut the tv off in vexation as I hear their names top the polls, and as they reach the Top list this elections I have asked myself the question “what has gone to the mind of Filipinos to vote for a leader with such a parlous attitude?” and that’s because they have found the answer earlier than I did, and maybe too the answer some people still has not found yet- this is why I plan to share this with you.

As a Filipino- nations of this country, we are called to be the bigger persons, to exceed our limits, and most especially to unite despite our diverse personalities and perspectives. Maybe some are rejoicing, and some are disheartened, but whatever side we are on one thing we know for sure, the answer to my question above is the word, acceptance, instead of spreading more hate, can’t we just learn how to love, instead of pulling one another down can’t we just respect? I know that my country is more than this, more than all the hate on social media, the angry statuses on Facebook, or the irrelevant trending hashtags on Twitter- my country is a country worth dying for and all these disagreements that are still happening today should be put to a stop. Instead, we should embrace this change that may benefit our country, to not predict bad things, People Power III, World War- whatnot, but instead talk victory for our country, take part as a citizen.

In fact, we are more than just a citizen, and our elected leaders aren’t the only ones that can bring change, we do. Seeing all these hate on social media, trash-talking politicians and even our fellow countrymen is not the answer. Our national heroes did not die to see us have war with each other, they died to remind us how much they’ve once loved our country, and we are called to do the same. We are more than this. I know it. Lets be the bayanis of our country and bring it back to life.

Yes, you may not be in favor of Duterte, the return of Marcos in office, the loss of your candidate you were rooting for, the senator line up that did not satisfy you, but these leaders won’t be anything without YOU. So go out there, accept whatever comes your way and watch change happen before your eyes. I know that thinking positive has been something Filipinos has always been good at, and I’m sure we still are and can be. Accept. Love. Mahalin mo ang bayan mo at ang ating mga kapwa Pilipino.

To my fellow Filipinos, this is our calling, we are more than this.